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1. “Viking trains” supply the Swedish industry
As from this fall, DB Schenker will run five trains carrying automobile parts from Kornwestheim and Hanover in Germany to the Volvo plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, plus another five trains in the opposite direction.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000411 - 06/25/2008 at 11:05

2. DB Provides Transport Service to Kaluga's VW Plant
DB Schenker is handling the transport of materials for the new Volkswagen plant in Kaluga. Schenker Automotive Railnet GmbH (SAR), a fully-owned subsidiary of Railion Deutschland AG, has been the general contractor for the new VW plant in Kaluga, Russia since it began operations in November 2007.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000339 - 03/28/2008 at 09:08

3. New Product from DB Schenker Links Oslo and Narvik
DB Schenker's new product connects the Norwegian capital Oslo to the Arctic Circle town of Narvik. The national company Schenker AS now offers regular rail transports on the 1,960 kilometer route.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000001016 - 01/10/2011 at 08:35

4. DB Schenker acquires majority stake in NordCargo
DB Schenker Rail has increased its stake in the Italian rail freight operator NordCargo s.r.l. by a further 11 percent. The DB Schenker subsidiary had already acquired a 49 percent stake in NordCargo back in January 2009.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000940 - 03/17/2010 at 08:00

5. Casablanca chooses Alstom's Citadis
Casa Transports, the public company in charge of the construction of the tramway network in Casablanca, Morocco, has chosen Alstom for the delivery and maintenance of 74 Citadis trams.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000871 - 12/18/2009 at 07:53

6. Acquisition of Polish PCC Logistic Group finalized
Deutsche Bahn has finalized the acquisition of PCC Logistics Group effective July 21. The agreement defining purchase terms for the largest privately-owned freight railroad in Poland had been signed in Warsaw at the end of January. The EU Commission approved the takeover on June 12.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000764 - 08/06/2009 at 07:03

7. DB Schenker strengthens logistics on the rails
DB Schenker Logistics has now positioned itself to meet the increasing demand for rail-related logistics throughout Europe. The “DB SCHENKERrailog” service epitomizes logistics concepts incorporating rail.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000702 - 05/30/2009 at 07:32

8. Paris and Brussels tube and bus tickets for sale
Eurostar, the high-speed rail service that links UK, France and Belgium, is now offering its travellers the opportunity to buy public transport tickets for all its core destinations directly on board the trains.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000586 - 01/21/2009 at 06:31

9. DB orders 15 ICE trains
Deutsche Bahn is investing in the future and has ordered 15 international high-speed ICE trains from Siemens.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000571 - 01/02/2009 at 08:31

10. Alp Transit International Study Conference
Both of the Cantons and republics of Ticino and Uri together with the FFS (Swiss Federal Railways) have therefore organized a rich program of gatherings and events to commemorate the importance of the most direct crossroad connecting the North of the alps, Ticino and Italy.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000229 - 10/15/2007 at 12:19

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