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1. The AGV starts test runs at 360 km/h
After four months of adjustments made on the speed ring at the Velim rail testing centre in the Czech Republic, the AGV has begun its first dynamic tests at 360 km/h, the commercial speed for which it has been designed.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000556 - 12/15/2008 at 06:03

2. The Russian Railways' international activities
In the five years since Russian Railways was founded, the Company has carried out extensive work to integrate the Russian railway network into the global transportation system.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000520 - 11/03/2008 at 09:36

3. Russian begins reconstruction of Trans-Korean Line
On 4 October 2008, Vladimir Yakunin, the President of Russian Railways, took part in the opening ceremony of the project to reconstruct the Trans-Korean Main Line between Tumangan and Rajin in North Korea and the construction of a container terminal at the port of Rajin.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000512 - 10/26/2008 at 07:07

4. Deutsche Bahn ready for partial privatization
In the 2006 financial year, Deutsche Bahn AG achieved all its business goals on its way to partial privatization. “From the company's viewpoint, private investors will be able to buy shares in DB in 2008,” said DB's Chairman and CEO Hartmut Mehdorn
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000091 - 04/09/2007 at 06:40

5. ICx sets new standards in long-distance travel
Deutsche BahnAG and Siemens AG officially signed the multi-billion euro contract for construction of up to 300 new long-distance trainsets. The signing took place at the DB Akademie in Potsdam, in the former Kaiserbahnhof.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000001065 - 05/25/2011 at 08:54

6. Siemens develops Desiro platform
A new member joins the Desiro family: On the basis of the success enjoyed by Desiro trains all round the world, Siemens Mobility has developed the Desiro City, a new platform concept for rail rapid transit, regional transport and inter-regional rail services in the United Kingdom (UK).
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000767 - 08/10/2009 at 06:56

7. Revenue of £2.843bn for Network Rail
Iain Coucher, chief executive said: “The interim results for the half year to 30 September 2009 show good financial performance. Revenue figures are in line with regulatory targets for the current funding period (2009-14).
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000890 - 01/11/2010 at 07:37

8. BVG Sign a Contract for 99 FLEXITY Berlin Vehicles
Following the approval of the supervisory board of Berlin's transport operator, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) on 29th June 2009, a contract for 99 BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Berlin trams has now been signed between the BVG and Bombardier Transportation.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000798 - 09/18/2009 at 16:56

9. Siemens presents new generation of automated metro
Siemens has now presented a new model of airport people mover vehicle. The new Airval vehicle was revealed by Hans-Joerg Grundmann,with Robert Lohr. Since 2004, Siemens has been developing in France the new Neoval generation of rubber-tired fully automated metro together with Lohr Industrie.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000719 - 06/17/2009 at 06:10

10. First Catenary-Free and Contactless Operating Tram
Bombardier Transportation today introduced the first completely contactless and catenary-free operating tram. The Primove catenary-free operation was presented to journalists on the test track at Bombardier's Bautzen site in Germany.
http://www.webtrains.co.uk/news.php?article=1000000608 - 02/16/2009 at 07:11

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