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trains page welcome to the trains page of jim lancaster's web site the title scene of sp #1, the westbound sunset limited, meeting sp #4, the eastbound golden state limited, near beaumont, california in the early 1950s, is from an original watercolor by ernie towler. what's new on the trains page? historic railroad virtual photo gallery note: unless otherwise indicated, all photos are by james e. lancaster and are copyright 1998 and 1999. also, each photo or set of photos opens as a separate web page. photos added in the last update (see "what's new on the trains page?") are identified by the icon. southern pacific the first sets of photos are from other photographers. heavyweight passenger cars. (photos) freight train wreck on the sunset-golden state route, late-1940s. (photos) plane crash and sp steam locomotive, new mexico, late-1940s. (photo) sacramento daylight, lathrop, ca, 8/48. (photo) golden state limited, nicklin (near beaumont), ca, 5/48. (photo) mission road coach yard, los angeles, ca, early 1950s. part 1. (nine photos) mission road coach yard, los angeles, ca, early 1950s. part 2. (five photos) shasta daylight, dunsmuir, ca, early 1950s. (photo) argonaut, alhambra, ca, mid-1950s. (photo) the following are some of my own favorite sp photos that i took between december, 1963 and september, 1979. sunset limited, houston, tx, 12/63. (two photos) new alco century 628s, colton, ca, 5/64. (photo) niland stub train, colton, ca, 5/64. (two photos ) coast daylight, san luis obispo, ca, 1/65. (four photos) combined sunset/golden state, colton, ca, 9/65. (five photos) photo shasta daylight, chemult, or, 8/66. (photo) combined sunset/golden state, los angeles, ca, 7/67. (photo) taylor yard, los angeles, ca, 7/67. (photo) sp & np f-units, seattle, wa, 8/67. (four photos) city of san francisco, richmond, ca, 3/68. (four photos) prs excursion, caliente, ca 4/68. (three photos) mission road coach yard, los angeles, ca, 5/68. (photo) lark and shasta daylight triple unit diners, houston, tx, 8/70. (two photos) official cars, 12/63, 4/68 and 8/70. (four photos) city of san francisco, sparks, nv, 2/71. (four photos) last san joaquin daylight, delano, ca, 4/30/71. (four photos) common standard station, lone pine, ca, 3/74 and 4/98. (six photos) wooden (possibly pfe) reefer body, indio, ca, 1/76. (two photos) mow cars, beaumont, ca, spring 1976. (nine photos) seaboard coast line demonstrators, cajon pass, ca, 11/77. (four photos) sp and up powered freight, cajon pass, ca, 7/78. (photo) alco century 628s, colton tower, ca, 7/78. (photo) locomotive deadline, los angeles, ca, 7/79. (five photos) huntington beach local, huntington beach, ca, 9/79. (photo) union pacific pullmans, east los angeles, ca, early-1950s. (three photos) train of tomorrow cars, seattle, wa, early-1950s. (three photos) portland seattle pool trains 457-458, seattle, wa, 6/65-4/69. (eight photos) side-door caboose, cheyenne, wy, 6/65. (photo) freight power, seattle, wa, 1967. (two photos) city of denver, fort morgan, co, 12/67. (photo) portland rose, pocatello, id, 9/68. (photo) heavily weathered caboose, seattle, wa, 1/79. (photo) great northern international, northwest washington, 1950-51. (two photos) northern pacific emd fts, sumas, wa, 4/66. (photo) north coast limited, seattle, wa, 7/67. (photo) milwaukee road olympian hiawatha, seattle, wa, early-1950s. (photo) skagit river railway newhalem, wa, 1951. (three photos) santa fe union station, houston, tx, 12/63. (two photos) grand canyon connecting train, grand canyon, az, 6/65. (photo) san diegan, santa ana, ca, 7/70. (two photos) railway express agency ex-troop sleeper rebuilt to express refrigerator car, early 1950s. (photo) rea step van, los angeles union passenger terminal, 11/75. (photo) ex-rea step van, seattle, wa, 8/79. (photo) amtrak (santa fe and southern pacific) san diegan/coast starlight, los angeles, ca, 6/71. (photo) san diegan/coast starlight, santa ana, ca, 7/71. (three photos) contemporary railroad virtual photo gallery note: unless otherwise indicated, all photos are by james e. lancaster and are copyright 1998, 1999 and 2002. also, each photo or set of photos opens as a separate web page. europe eurostar, waterloo station, london, uk, 7/97. (photo) then and now: great northern and amtrak international, 1950-51, and mt. baker international, 3/1/99, ferndale, wa. (six photos) atsf 3751 to railfair follow atsf 3751 from fullerton to cajon, 6/13/99 (six photos) amtrak southwest chief and up 3985 on cajon pass amtrak southwest chief on cajon pass, 8/6/00 (four photos) follow up 3985 down cajon pass to san bernardino, 8/6/00 (ten photos) sp 4449 at sph&ts convention sp 4449 at hillsboro, or, 9/30/00 (five photos) railroad-related industries virtual photo galleries these are additional, complete web sites created by the author. packing houses historic packing houses and other railroad-related industries in southern california. note: the historic packing houses web site is still under construction but is more than 70% complete. stop by for a preview. model railroading i'm building a moderate size ho scale model railroad based on the southern pacific railroad as a prototype. click here to visit the montgomery and san joaquin model railroad. historical societies i'm a founding member of the southern pacific historical and technical society (member #6). the society publishes a quarterly magazine named trainline to which i occasionally contribute an article on passenger trains. a recent issue had an article i wrote titled "the lightweight cascade; two decades of operations and consists." the cascade was a streamlined southern pacific passenger train that ran from san francisco/oakland to portland and seattle until the advent of amtrak. i'm also a member of the following: union pacific historical society santa fe railway historical & modeling society great northern railway historical society future plans for this page more railroad photos from the 1960s and 1970s southern pacific union pacific santa fe great northern northern pacific early amtrak photos of passenger trains from japan (1994), new zealand (1995), israel (1995), and europe (1997) links to related sites for a visit to my model railroad, go to my model railroad page for a look at my other interests - travel and archaeology - visit my home page for an overview of the entire website go to the site map you are visitor number: last updated 2/8/04 © 1997, 2002, 2004 ljames1@ix.netcom.com this page hosted by get your own free home page  -----------------------------1294744074864 content-disposition: form-data; name="userfile"; filename="" geovisit();
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