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languedoc : trains travel guide location: world > europe > western europe > france > languedoc languedoc travel guide destinations: eastern languedocsouthern languedoctoulouse and western languedoc sections languedoctravel detailstrainsbuses trains bă©ziers to: agde (1-2 hourly; 15min); arles (8-12 daily; 2hr); avignon (4-10 daily; 2hr); bă©darieux (6-9 daily; 40min); carcassonne (10-14 daily; 1hr); marseille (8-12 daily; 2hr 30min); millau (3-6 daily; 2hr); montpellier (4-6 hourly; 1hr); nă®mes (1-3 hourly; 1hr 20min); paris (10 daily; 5-10hr); narbonne (4-6 hourly; 20min); perpignan (2-3 hourly; 1hr); să¨te (4-6 hourly; 30min). carcassonne to: arles (6-8 daily; 2hr 40min); bă©ziers (10-14 daily; 1hr); bordeaux (5 daily; 3hr 20min); marseille (3-4 daily; 3hr 20min); montpellier (1-2 hourly; 1hr 30min); narbonne (1-2 hourly; 30min); nă®mes (1-2 hourly; 2hr 10min); quillan (1-2 daily; 1hr); să¨te (1-2 hourly; 1hr 30min); toulouse (2-3 hourly; 45min). montpellier to: arles (1-2 hourly; 1hr); avignon (2 hourly; 1hr); bă©ziers (4-6 hourly; 1hr); carcassonne (1-2 hourly; 1hr 30min); lyon (8 daily; 2hr 30min); marseille (2-3 hourly; 1hr 40min); mende (2-3 daily; 3hr 40min); narbonne (1-2 hourly; 1hr); paris (5-6 tgvs daily; 4hr 20min); perpignan (3-4 hourly; 2hr); să¨te (3-4 hourly; 20min); toulouse (8-12 daily; 2hr 20min). narbonne to: arles (6-8 daily; 2hr); avignon (4-11 daily; 2hr 20min); bă©ziers (4-6 hourly; 20min); bordeaux (3-4 daily; 2hr 25min); carcassonne (10-14 daily; 30min); cerbă¨re (1-2 hourly; 1hr-1hr 30min); marseille (7-8 daily; 2hr 40min); montpellier (1-2 hourly; 1hr 20min); nă®mes (2-3 hourly; 1hr 50min); perpignan (2-3 hourly; 30-40min); port-bou (1-2 hourly; 1hr 20min-1hr 40min); să¨te (4-5 hourly; 40min); toulouse (1-2 hourly; 1hr 20min-2hr). nă®mes to: arles (1-2 hourly; 30-40min); avignon (1-2 hourly; 30min); la bastide-st-laurent (4-6 daily; 2hr 10min); bă©ziers (1-3 hourly; 1hr 20min); carcassonne (1-2 hourly; 2hr 10min); clermont-ferrand (3 daily; 4-5hr); gă©nolhac (4-6 daily; 1hr 25min); marseille (1-2 hourly; 1hr 20min); montpellier (3-4 hourly; 30min); narbonne (2-3 hourly; 1hr 50min); paris via ală¨s (1-2 daily; 9hr); paris (5-6 tgvs daily; 4hr 30min); perpignan (6 daily; 2hr 30min); să¨te (1-2 hourly; 40min); vichy (1-2 daily; 6hr); villefort (5-6 daily; 1hr 30min). să¨te to: arles (6-8 daily; 1hr 15min); avignon (8 daily; 1hr 30min); bă©ziers (4-6 hourly; 30min); carcassonne (1-2 hourly; 1hr 30min); marseille (7-10 daily; 2hr 10min); montpellier (3-4 hourly; 20min); narbonne (4-5 hourly; 40min); nă®mes (1-2 hourly; 40min); perpignan (5-8 daily; 1hr 20min). toulouse to: albi (9-19 daily; 1hr); auch (4-7 daily; 1hr 30min); ax-les-thermes (5-7 daily; 1hr 45min); barcelona (4 daily; 5hr-6hr 30min); bayonne (5-6 daily; 3hr); bordeaux (1-2 hourly; 2hr 45min); brive (7-13 daily; 2hr 20min); castres (5-10 daily; 1hr 20min); foix (6-13 daily; 1hr 10min); lourdes (6-10 daily; 2hr 20min); lyon (3 daily; 5hr); marseille (8-9 daily; 3hr 30min-4hr 20min); mazamet (5-10 daily; 1hr 40min); pamiers (6-13 daily; 50min); paris (1 hourly; 5hr); pau (5-8 daily; 2hr-2hr 30min); tarascon (5-7 daily; 1hr 20min); tarbes (6-13 daily; 2hr); la-tour-de-carol (4 daily; 2hr 35min). copyright rough guides ltd as trustee for its authors. published by rough guides. all rights reserved. the rough guides name is a trademark of rough guides ltd. about | contact us | user agreement | privacy policy travelotica.com - the ultimate internet travel guide copyright © 2006 travelotica, llc. all rights reserved.designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the travelotica.com user agreement and privacy policy. sign in | register | help travelotica.com beta-1 hometravel guide _uacct = "ua-266715-1"; urchintracker(); onestat_pageview();
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