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museums of macedonia, greece — railway museum     nea monastiriou 128, military station, sorting post, 546 26 thessaloniki, macedonia, greece thursday: 10:00-14:00 free ++30 2310 599134     the museum is on the border of the borough of eleftherion in west thessaloniki. it is housed in a building dating from 1894, which used to be a military station and that is why it is called military station – sorting post. in 1986 ose (the greek railways organization) gave the derelict and unused station to the friends of the railway society so that the railway museum could be established. the museum opened its doors to the public in october 2000.in the station-master’s office inside the station building there is a map with all greek railway lines marked on it, railway workers’ uniforms, railway workmen’s tools, personal belongings, technical manuals and details of all old steam engines and diesel engines belonging to the greek railways. the museum is also home to some of the furnishings from the carriages of the former greek royal family. in the museum courtyard there is a restaurant carriage from the renowned orient express, which is open to visitors.there are plans to put fifteen old ose engines on display in front of the museum; these engines are at present undergoing reconstruction work. as from the summer of 2002 young friends of the railway can travel to the museum on the children’s train which departs from the new railway station of thessaloniki. internal view of orient express car © 2000–rightnow = new date();document.write(rightnow.getfullyear()) macedonian heritage
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