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w&h main yards: the family tree of north american railroads w&h main yards: the family tree of north american railroads by christopher d. coleman webville@spikesys.com tips for mailing me last updated 6-7-01 this is a compiled chart of major north american railroad mergers, takeovers, and controls. most date after 1900 but there are some exceptions. railroad names represent the railroad-handling part of a corporate entity, if different from the corporate name. i am limiting the chart to class 1, former class 1, or major regional lines. this chart represents only the "top" of the theoretical chart. many roads had predecessors too numerous to include here and many roads simply dissappeared through various circumstances. "the great list of north american railroads" is a comprehensive list of all north amercan railroad companies which i am compiling. due to time limitations that list is still not available. notice will be posted here when it is. this article is hereby copyrighted 1994-2001 by christopher d coleman. the most current copy of this tree can be found at http://www.spikesys.com/yards.html key---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [] = parent corporate entity {} = holding company which preserved the "feel" of its predecessor roads () = common name of railroad :: = previous owner -> = name change ->( = company split up '79 = date of legal acquisition when known ('70) = approximate date corporate identity vanished when known passenger---------------------------------------------------------------------- '71 most intercity us passenger operations -> national railroad passenger corporation (amtrak) / southern (passenger)/'79 denver and rio grande western (passenger)/'83 chicago rock island and pacific (passenger)/'79 long distance canadian pacific and canadian national passenger operations -> via rail canada eastern us--------------------------------------------------------------------- western maryland cincinnati hamilton & dayton '73 baltimore & ohio->chessie system chesapeake & ohio/ pere marquette/'47 hocking valley/ |{'80} piedmont & northern railway'69 >csx seaboard air line'67 |transportation atlantic coast line >seaboard coast line |[csx clinchfield- / corporation] atlanta & west point-| / | georgia railroad-| '72 seaboard system/ | western railway of alabama->{family lines}-^'83 / chicago and eastern illinois (part)-/ / louisville and nashville/ / / / chicago, indianapolis, / / & louisville -> monon/'71 / nashville, chattanooga, / / and st. louis/?'57 / pittsburgh and lake erie/'93 richmond, fredericksburg and potomac {chessie}/'93 the buffalo creek railroad company central indiana railway company- lehigh and new england railway company | mount hope mineral railroad company >central railroad | wharton and northern railroad company / of new jersey--| allentown terminal/ | | the chicago river and indiana railroad company--| | delaware, lackawanna & | western railroad company'60 | erie railroad company >erie lackawanna | cc&l/'10 railway company {n&w}--| /norfolk southern corporation >consolidated rail (buyout)->< lackawanna & wyoming valley railway company--| corporation csx transportation the lehigh and hudson river railway company--| (conrail) lehigh valley railroad company--| | niagara junction railway company--| | | | baltimore and eastern | | railroad company- | | cleveland, cincinnati, chicago | | and st.louis railway--| | | michigan central railroad--| | | the new york central railroad company--| | | the new york, new haven and >penn central | | hartford railroad company--| transportation company--| | the pennsylvania railroad company--| | | peoria & eastern railway--/ | | waynesburg and washington / | | railroad company/ | | / | pennsylvania-reading seashore lines-/ / reading company/ / / monongahela/'93 wheeling and lake erie new york, chicago & st. louis (nickel plate)'64 wabash'64 virginian'59 pittsburgh & west virginia'64 akron, canton & youngstown illinois terminal'81 kentucky & indiana terminal1981 norfolk and petersburgc.1865 south side railroadc.1865 virginia & tennesseec.1865 atlantic, mississippi, & ohioc.1881 norfolk & western >norfolk southern corporation richmond & danville1894 / >southern/1982 east tennessee, virginia & georgia/1894 / norfolk southern/'74 central of georgia/'63 georgia and florida/ alabama & georgia southern/ cincinnati, new orleans & texas/ tennessee, alabama & georgia/'71 georgia southern and florida/ alabama great southern/ cincinnati, new orleans / & texas pacific/ new orleans & northeastern/ savannah & atlanta/ ann arbor'63 detroit, toledo and ironton'80 ('84) detroit and toledo shore line grand trunk western {cn north america} florida east coast new york susquehanna and western toledo, peoria & western {once part of at&sf} atlanta and saint andrews bay railroad (the bay line) louisiana midland {bankrupt} -> abandoned july '85 new york, ontario & western (bankrupt)->( erie lehigh and new england railroad (bankrupt)->(lehigh and new england railway compny l&hr (bankrupt)->( new york, susquhanna and western midwest------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1865-bear creek railroad company 1869-shenango and allegheny railroad 1888-pittsburgh,shenango and lake erie railroad company 1897-pittsburg(no h),bessemer and lake erie railroad company 1901-bessemer and lake erie railroad company louisiana & arkansas midsouth kansas city southern duluth missabe and iron range /st. louis southwestern (cotton belt) / chicago & northwestern '79 / southern pacific chicago rock island & pacific (bankrupt)->( chicago st paul and omaha union pacific missouri pacific chicago terre haute and southeastern'28 chicago, milwaukee & st paul (milwaukee road) minneapolis northfield & southern duluth south shore and atlantic sault sainte marie, saint paul and pacific (soo) delaware and hudson :guiford transp: >------------{cp rail system} / [cp limited] napierville junction/ chicago south shore & south bend (now government owned) detroit & mackinac -> lake states railway western us--------------------------------------------------------------------- pacific electric northwestern pacific('50s) arizona eastern('50s) central pacific('47) denver northwestern and pacific denver & salt lake denver and rio grande western st. louis southwestern (cotton belt) texas & new orleans('60s) el paso & southwestern el paso northeastern southern pacific missouri illinois('70s) international great northern('50s) texas and pacific chicago and eastern illinois {part} missouri pacific'82 oakland terminal {part} the northern electric'10 oakland, antioch & eastern-> sacramento northern'76 tidewater southern western pacific'82 missouri-kansas-texas'88 spokane international yakima valley laramie hanes peak and pacific(part) union pacific chicago minneapolis & omaha / fort dodge des moines & southern / / chicago great western / chicago and northwestern railway->chicago and northwestern/'95 chicago, st. paul and omaha/ minneapolis & st. louis/ colorado midland (abandoned) 1898 fort smith and western (abandoned 1941) fort smith and van buren railway {kansas city southern} laramie hanes peak and pacific(part) union pacific (walden branch) wyoming and colorado great western railway camas prairie {burlington northern and union pacific} /montana rail link burlington northern (np) < washington central -> toppenish, simcoe & saint louis, rocky mountain, & pacific rocky mountain & santa fe eastern railways of new mexico new mexico central santa fe central/ kansas city, mexico, and orient'28 clinton and oklahoma western denver, kansas, and gulf denver, enid, and gulf gulf, colorado, and santa fe panhandle and santa fe hutchinson southern pecos valley northeastern oakland terminal (part) atchison topeka & santa fe -> sante fe denver south park and pacific | denver leadville and gunnison (reorganization) | union pacific denver and gulf | fort worth and denver | colorado and southern | bnsf chicago burlington and quincy | pacific coast railroad {gn/np}- | pacific coast | great northern >burlington northern/ northern pacific / / spokane portland and seattle /'70 / washington central / / oregon electric/('40s) frisco/'80 toppenish, simcoe & western burlington northern (climax branch) leadville colorado and southern minnesota, dakota & western elgin, joliet & eastern northeast---------------------------------------------------------------------- boston and maine maine central->{guilford transportation} springfield terminal central vermont -> new england central railroad [railtex] bangor and aroostook providence & worcester '63 /vermont railway -> st. lawrence & racquette river rr rutland (bankrupt) ( green mountain railroad vermont northern -> lamoille valley alaska------------------------------------------------------------------------- alaskan railways >alaska railroad white pass and yukon canada------------------------------------------------------------------------- canada & gulf terminal central vermont grand trunk northern alberta temiscouata canadian southern (part)80's grand trunk pacific intercolonial railway newfoundland railway national transcontinental >canadian government railways railway/ >canadian national canadian northern/ railways -> cn rail / / / duluth winnipeg & pacific/ / / central / / vermont wisconsin central---------/ / green bay & western >fox valley & western-------/ / fox river valley/'93 / / illinois central >illinois central gulf -> illinois gulf mobile & northern >gulf mobile & ohio/'72 central mobile & ohio/ chicago & alton/'47 toronto hamilton and buffalolate 60's esquimalt and nanaimo quebec central grand river lake erie and northern canada southern {part}80's ontario & quebec campbellford50s lake ontario & western dominion atlantic 1870's canadian pacific -> cp rail [cp limited] canadian atlantic [cp limited] pacific great eastern -> british columbia railway -> bc rail algoma central white pass & yukon (independent) temiskaming & northern ontario -> ontario northland quebec north shore & labrador temiskaming and northern ontario -> temiskaming and northern ontarioontario northland mexico------------------------------------------------------------------------- national of mexico (ndem) ferrocarril pacifico->ferrocarriles nacionales de mexico (fnm) chihuahua pacific/ fcm (mexican railway) =============================================================================== back to the main yards back to the w&h rr co.
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