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1. www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/home/traffic_and_travel/trains.htm
...ovides an important service within the county from nottingham to mansfield and worksop. the train op... ...arture and arrivals for some rail companies and at nottingham station. concessionary travel passes -...
http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/home/traffic_and_travel/trains.htm - Ranking 100% - Update 12-04-2015 - Cached

2. christophe.lachenal.free.fr/francais/education/fr_education_abreviation_n.h
...r le développement de l'afrique). net : nottingham express transit (à nottingham, en uk).... ...e). net : nottingham express transit (à nottingham, en uk). nevz : novocherkas...
http://christophe.lachenal.free.fr/francais/education/fr_education_abreviation_n.h - Ranking 100% - Update 12-04-2015 - Cached

3. homepage.ntlworld.com/nick.willis/trainsim.html
...s was hoped. i'd like to make a route running from nottingham victoria to leicester central but lack...
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/nick.willis/trainsim.html - Ranking 50% - Update 12-04-2015 - Cached

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