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- What's new in the LocoTrain Toolbar v2.0 ?
Now you can previsualize website with our cached and images results. Now you can use our reserach field in oder to go to an Url : you can economize the adress bar !

- With what is used the LocoTrain Toolbar ? ?
The LocoTrain Toolbar makes it possible to add additional functionalities to your web browser.

- Why FireFox? Do you hope to develop a bar of tools for other browsers ?
Because FireFox is the better browser of the market and because FireFox is a open-source navigator. We smell ourselves nearer to the community of open-source developers than of great groups. Consequently, we do not hope to develop toolbars for other browsers, even if they have great parts of market.

- Which functionalities are available?
You can directly carry out research on the various search engines from LocoTrain.

- Do you Hope to develop other functionalities?
Yes, you can consult the updates in menu “Update” of your toolbar.

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